Chapter 7

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  • Continental Congress met is Philadelphia to talk about Intorable Acts. Twelve of thirteen colonies Georgia not present.
  • Americans wondered why there needed to be British troops when the French were gone and Pontiac was crushed.
  • The Quartiering Act of 1765 forced Americans to house British troops. Americans were not happy.
  • Americans saw a conspiracy to strip them of their historic liberties.
  • Sons and daughters of Liberty took the law into their own hands.
  • African Americans fought for Britain under Lord Dunmore's Virginia proclamation of 1775 that promised them freedom.
  • Continental Congress created the Association- complete boycott of British goods. Wanted them repealed but did not want to revolutionize.


  • Intolerable Acts of 1774- Made to chastise Boston called "Massacre of American Liberty."
  • Revolution happened because Britain did not see an emerging nation.
  • Fight about economic policies exposed difference between American and Britain.
  • The New WOrld nurtured new ideas. Nature of society, citizen, and government.
  • After 1763 Britain tries to have more control of their colonies.
  • Parliment rejected petitions.
  • Boston governor Thomas Hutchinson did not budge to colonial unrest. Led to discontent among the colonists.
  • Boston Massacare eleven dead including Crispus Attucks the leader of the mob.
  • In 1770 George III trying to assert power over colonies. He was a bad ruler but had good private morals.
  • Declatory Act- reaffirmining Parliment's hand "to bind" America.
  • London government suspended legislature of New York in 1767 since they did not comply with Quartering Act.


  • East India Trading Company about to be bankrupt and Britain would lose tax revenue. Britain gave EIC monopoly of tea in America.
  • Mercantalism stifled economic initiative and imposed ranking dependency on Britain agents and creditors.
  • In 1763 Prime Minister George Grenville was told to begin strictly enforcing Navigation Laws.
  • Continental paper money-lost value as more were made.

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